Sign Up For Service and Activate Your eSIM - How to Use Guide

The iPhone® XS Max, iPhone XS and iPhone XR now have a built-in electronic SIM card, called an eSIM, that allows you to activate cellular service without needing a physical SIM card. This guide will walk you through activating Verizon service using your iPhone’s eSIM.

When signing up for Verizon service using the eSIM, you'll complete three separate tasks:

  1. Check to make sure your iPhone has an eSIM.
  2. Sign up for Verizon service.
  3. Activate your eSIM with Verizon service.

Note: If you have two lines on your iPhone, you can choose how they work together. After you've completed all the steps below, visit Apple's support page for more information on choosing a preferred number for calling, messaging and using date.

Get Verizon Service using your eSIM

    Check eSIM compatibility

    First you'll check that your phone is compatible with eSIM using the My Verizon app.

    1. Download and install the My Verizon app from the Apple® App Store®.
    2. Tap the My Verizon app on your home screen to open it.
    3. Tap Join Verizon to begin the process.

    4. Tap Get Started on the "How it works" screen.

    5. Enter your Digital SIM IMEI, and tap Check eligibility.

      To find your Digital SIM IMEI on your iPhone:
      • Tap Settings.
      • Tap General.
      • Tap About.
      • Scroll to your Digital SIM IMEI, then tap and hold to Copy.
      • Return to the My Verizon app, tap and hold in the Digital SIM IMEI field to Paste your SIM IMEI.

    6. After you've entered your Digital SIM IMEI, you'll see a confirmation screen if your iPhone is compatible with eSIM. Tap Let's go to continue.

      Note: If your device isn't eligible, you'll see an error message. You can still sign up for Verizon service using a physical SIM card by going online, visiting a Verizon location or by contacting us.
    Sign up for Verizon Service

    Next, you'll complete set up of your Verizon account and service using the My Verizon app.

    1. Enter the primary location you will be using your phone, and tap Confirm.

    2. Choose a plan to use with your phone by swiping through the options, and tapping Select this plan when you've found the right plan for you.

    3. Next, select whether you want to have Verizon assign you a new phone number, or if you're bringing your existing phone number to Verizon. Navigate through the phone number selection screens to confirm your choice.

      Note: To receive the $150 prepaid MasterCard® for bringing your device to Verizon, you must transfer your existing line to Verizon.

    4. After you've selected your phone number fill out your Account, Billing and Payment Information. Tap Next after each screen.

    5. Enter your Social Security Number and your Date of Birth needed to run a credit check, then tap Run my credit check.

    6. Create an Account PIN to help protect your account, the tap Save my PIN.

    7. Review what you've entered, accept the Customer Agreement if you agree. Tap Confirm.

    8. Next, you'll see a series of screens while your account is set up.

    9. Lastly, you'll see a confirmation that your activation is complete, and the details of your phone number. Tap Next.

      Note: If you selected to get a new phone number from Verizon, the last screen will be different than what is shown below.
    Activating your eSIM

    Lastly, you'll need to set up your eSIM so it can be used with your Verizon account. For the final steps, you'll leave the My Verizon app and complete setup within the Settings menu on your iPhone.

    1. Check your email on a computer or tablet, and locate the Your order is complete message from Verizon.

      Note: If you don't see an email from us, you can get the information from the email on our eSIM Activation Instructions page.

    2. Locate the QR Code in the email, and scan it using your iPhone:
      • Tap Settings.
      • Tap Cellular.
      • Tap Add Cellular Plan.

      • Scan the QR Code.

      • After scanning the QR Code, you'll see a screen confirming a new cellular plan from Verizon is ready to be added.

    3. Wait for the activation process to complete, which can take up to 15 minutes.

      Note: Do not turn off your phone, or attempt to restart the process. If after 15 minutes you are not connected to the Verizon network, try contacting us.

    4. If you have two lines on your iPhone, you'll be prompted to label them. Choose your new Verizon line as your default line.

    5. Once you see notification saying "Cellular Plan Added", you may begin using your new Verizon service.

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