Mobile Hotspot FAQs

This page answers questions about the Mobile Hotspot feature on smartphones and tablets. If you have questions about a Jetpack® (a device that's only a Mobile Hotspot), visit our Verizon Jetpack FAQs.

Most popular questions about Mobile Hotspot:

General Information

  1. What is Mobile Hotspot?

    Mobile Hotspot lets you share your Verizon Wireless network connection with other devices, so they can access the internet. Devices can connect to your Mobile Hotspot using Wi-Fi. While devices are connected, you'll be charged for any data they use according to your monthly data plan.

    Many smartphones and tablets have a built-in Mobile Hotspot feature that you can access in their Settings or App menu. The feature may have a different name on your device, like Personal Hotspot (iOS), Internet Sharing (Windows®) or Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot (Google™ Nexus devices), but they do the same thing.

    We also carry Jetpack devices that are strictly mobile hotspots. Visit our Mobile Hotspot shopping page to see which ones are available today or go to our Verizon Jetpack FAQs to learn more.

  2. Will I be charged to use Mobile Hotspot?

    You are charged data usage according to your monthly data allowance whenever a device is connected to your Mobile Hotspot.

    These plans let you use 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot on capable devices for no additional monthly charge aside from the data usage charges:

    • The new Verizon Plan shared data plans (e.g. S, M, L)
    • Get More Unlimited, Do More Unlimited, Play More Unlimited, Above Unlimited*, Beyond Unlimited*, Go Unlimited*
    • The Verizon Plan*
    • The MORE Everything® Plan*
    • The following prepaid monthly plans:
      • $30 Monthly
      • $40 Monthly
      • $50 Monthly
      • $60 Monthly
      • $70 Monthly
      • $75 Unlimited Monthly

    Prepaid accounts - Mobile Hotspot isn't available on prepaid plans not listed above.

    Standard accounts - If you don't have one of the plans listed above, you can add Mobile Hotspot to your line. You'll be charged monthly to have the Mobile Hotspot feature, in addition to data usage charges.

    Thank someone for sharing their Mobile Hotspot with you by giving them more data. Refer to our Data Gifting FAQs to learn about giving data as a gift.

    Note: Most prepaid plans not listed above aren't eligible for Mobile Hotspot, including the $70 Prepaid Unlimited and $80 Prepaid Unlimited plans.

    *These plans are no longer available to add to your account.

  3. How does Mobile Hotspot work on unlimited data plans?

    Visit any of our unlimited data plan pages to learn about Mobile Hotspot and your plan:

    Note: $75 Unlimited Monthly prepaid plan includes Mobile Hotspot for capable devices at speeds up to 600 Kbps.

  4. Do I need to download Mobile Hotspot to my device?

    No, Mobile Hotspot comes preinstalled on compatible devices. Depending on your device, it may be in your App menu or Settings. It may also be named something different than Mobile Hotspot, like Personal Hotspot (iOS), Internet Sharing (Windows) or Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot (Google Nexus devices). But these all do the same thing.

    For instructions specific to your device, visit the Mobile Hotspot section or User Guide on the Device Support page for your device.

  5. How do I check if I have Mobile Hotspot on my account?

    Mobile Hotspot is included in many plans, so you don't need to add it to your account.

    Otherwise, go to the Products & Apps page in My Verizon and click the Manage My Products tab. Mobile Hotspot will be listed here if you already have it. If you don’t see it, you can add Mobile Hotspot in My Verizon for capable devices and plans.

  6. How do I add Mobile Hotspot to my account?

    If Mobile Hotspot isn't included in your plan, you can add it to your account online anytime in My Verizon.

    Prepaid plans: If Mobile Hotspot isn't already included in your plan, you can't add it.

    1. Go to the Products & Apps page in My Verizon.
    2. In the Get Products section, find the Mobile Hotspot option.

      Note: If you don't see Mobile Hotspot listed, you either have it on your account already or you aren't eligible to add it at this time.

    3. Tap Get it now.
    4. Select which device(s) you want to add Mobile Hotspot to.
    5. Tap Confirm Purchase.

    You've successfully added Mobile Hotspot to a device on your account.

  7. Which Verizon Wireless devices are compatible with Mobile Hotspot?

    Most smartphones have Mobile Hotspot capabilities. Our online shop has a list of our available smartphones and tablets that are compatible with Mobile Hotspot.

    We also carry devices that are strictly mobile hotspots.

    You can refer to the User Guide on your Device Support page to confirm is Mobile Hotspot is compatible or check the Mobile Hotspot section for instructions on how to use Mobile Hotspot.

  8. How do I get 5G Mobile Hotspot?

    You need a 5G-capable phone and to be in a 5G coverage area to get mobile hotspot access to the 5G Ultra Wideband network. Access to our 5G network is available to those on our unlimited mix and match data plans. You get:

    • 5G unlimited domestic data
    • 4k HD streaming*
    • 5G unlimited Mobile Hotspot

    Plans that give 5G network access**:

    • Start Unlimited, Go Unlimited: Add to your plan for $10/month
    • Play More Unlimited, Do More Unlimited, Get More Unlimited, Beyond Unlimited, Above Unlimited: Included in your plan**

    The option to choose 5G network access displays when you choose a 5G device:

    • My Verizon online – From the top menu, choose Shop, then Smartphones. Or choose Devices then either Add a line or Upgrade now. Follow the prompts.
    • My Verizon app - On the main menu, choose Shop and select a 5G phone. Or tap Devices, Add Device then select Purchase a New Device, choose Smartphones and follow the prompts.

    Visit our 5G overview to learn about 5G devices and 5G Ultra Wideband coverage areas.

    *Requires a 4k HD-capable device.
    **Unlimited 5G Ultra Wideband: 5G-capable device w/in the 5G coverage area req'd. Downloads over 5G Ultra Wideband; uploads initially over 4G LTE, but will not count against your 4G LTE data plan. For plans with 5G access, a $10/mo charge and credit will appear on your bill. 5G Ultra Wideband only available in parts of select cities.

Using Mobile Hotspot

  1. How many devices can be connected to Mobile Hotspot at the same time?

    This varies by device. Some allow up to 10 devices at a time, while others allow a maximum of 5.

    Refer to the User Guide at the top of your Device Support page to see how many devices can be connected to your specific device.

  2. Where does Mobile Hotspot work?

    Mobile Hotspot service is available anywhere you have 4G LTE or 3G service. Refer to our Coverage Locator to confirm there's service in your area.

  3. Can I use Mobile Hotspot while I'm traveling abroad?

    Yes, you can use Mobile Hotspot while traveling outside the US if you have a connection to our 4G LTE network.

    Data charges apply according to your international travel plan or roaming rates.

  4. How do I use Mobile Hotspot on my device?

    For instructions specific to your device, visit the Mobile Hotspot section of the Device Support page for your device, or refer to your User Guide at the top of the Device Support page.

    iOS: Refer to the Share your Internet connection with Personal Hotspot article on Apple's website.

  5. On iOS devices, what is Mobile Hotspot named and how do I use it?

    On compatible iOS devices, it's named Personal Hotspot.

    Refer to the Share your Internet connection with Personal Hotspot article on Apple's website to learn how to use it.

  6. On Windows devices, what is Mobile Hotspot named and where is it?

    On Windows devices, it's named Internet Sharing and is located in Settings.

    For device-specific instructions on how to use it, visit the Mobile Hotspot section of the Device Support page for your device, or refer to your User Guide at the top of the Device Support page.

  7. How do I connect a device to my Mobile Hotspot?

    You connect to Mobile Hotspot the same way you'd connect to any Wi-Fi network:

    1. Open your Wi-Fi settings on the device you want to connect to Mobile Hotspot, and scan for available networks. Your Mobile Hotspot name (SSID) should appear in the list.
    2. In the list of available Wi-Fi networks, select the name of the Mobile Hotspot.
    3. If requested, enter the Mobile Hotspot password.
    4. Tap Join or Connect.

    You've successfully connected a device to your Mobile Hotspot.

  8. Can I set Mobile Hotspot to automatically turn off in case I forget to turn it off?

    Yes, you can set Mobile Hotspot to turn off automatically for some devices:

    • Android™ - Power Mode
    • BlackBerry® - Auto Shutoff Timer
    • iOS - Automatically shuts off when the hotspot is inactive

    With these settings, Mobile Hotspot automatically turns off after a specific period of inactivity. This can help you save battery power by ensuring Mobile Hotspot is only on when you're using it.

    Note: Some devices may never stay inactive long enough for this feature to work because apps, updates and more are often running in the background.


  9. What is the Hide SSID option in my Mobile Hotspot settings?

    The SSID is the unique name of your Mobile Hotspot that people see when scanning for available Wi-Fi networks. When you turn on the Hide SSID option, your Mobile Hotspot can't be seen by nearby Wi-Fi devices.

  10. I'm having trouble using Mobile Hotspot. What should I do?

    Our Troubleshooting Assistant may be able to help you:

    1. Go to the Troubleshooting Assistant.
    2. Select your device.
    3. Sign in with your My Verizon credentials or click Get Started.
    4. Hover over Data Internet and Connectivity.
    5. Select the issue you need help with.
    6. Follow the steps presented to resolve your Mobile Hotspot issue.
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