Understand and change your plan FAQs

Find out where and how to get your Verizon Wireless plan details, including your plan's name, costs, data allowances, current usage and how to make plan changes.

Getting your plan details

  1. What plan do I have and how much data, voice and messaging do I get with it?

    You can sign in to My Verizon online or the My Verizon app and get your plan details anytime:

    • My Verizon online: Go to the My Plan page.
    • My Verizon app: Open the menu in the top left. Tap Account. Tap My Plan. If you have more than one mobile number on your account, select the one you want from the dropdown in the My Devices section.

    You'll see your:

    • Plan name
    • Data, voice and text allowances and usage
    • Features and services
    • New plan recommendation, if any

  2. How do I check my minutes, messages and data usage for this month?

    To check how much of your plan allowances you used so far during your current bill cycle:

    • My Verizon online: Visit the My Usage page.
    • My Verizon app: On the main screen, tap the menu in the upper left, then Data Hub.
    • Keep in mind, usage amounts aren't displayed if you're on an unlimited plan.

      You can also get your usage details by calling #MIN or #DATA (airtime free) from your mobile phone.

  3. How do I switch to a new plan?

    You can switch to a new plan in My Verizon online or in the My Verizon app.

    My Verizon online:  Go to the Manage my current plan page. You can choose Explore plans, or go to the recommended plans link on the right side of the page.

    The My Verizon app: Sign in and use the menu at the top left to go to Account. Then scroll down to choose My Plan to view and change your plan.

    You can visit our Change Your Plan page for step-by-step instructions to change your plan.

  4. How do I make changes to my existing plan?

    Visit our Change Your Plan page for step-by-step instructions to change your current plan in My Verizon online or the My Verizon app. You can add more data or increase your voice and messaging allowance.

    Keep in mind, if you have a plan with unlimited minutes and messages then data is the only allowance you may need to change. Other plans will display options to change minutes, messages and data allowances.

  5. If I change my plan, will my upgrade eligibility date be reset?

    No, your device upgrade eligibility won't be affected by a plan change.

  6. Will changing my plan affect my contract end date?

    No, your contract end date won't be affected by a plan change.

  7. Will I be charged a fee to change my plan or my minutes, messages or data allowance?

    No, there's no cost to change your plan or your allowances. However, your monthly access charge, taxes and surcharges may increase or decrease depending on the plan you choose.

  8. Can I increase the minutes on my plan if it's a discontinued plan?

    Most people with older Verizon plans will need to switch to a current mix and match unlimited plan or the new Verizon shared data plan (e.g., S, M, L) to change data allowances.

    If you have The MORE Everything Plan or a Nationwide plan, you can change your minute, text and data allowances in My Verizon without changing plans.

  9. How can I find out what minutes, messages or data allowance is best for me?

    Visit your Account Analysis page in My Verizon to see your usage history. The page also shows a recommended plan if we have a better fit for your usage.

  10. How soon after changing my plan or allowances for minutes, messaging or data will My Verizon display my new plan?

    Your new plan or data allowances should display in My Verizon online and the My Verizon app within 24 hours of the date you choose for the change.

  11. If I have a pending order on my account, can I change my plan or my allowances for minutes, messages or data?

    Yes, if you have a pending future transaction on your account, you can cancel the pending order when you change your plan allowances.

    Keep in mind:

    • An Account Owner or Account Manager can remove a pending order from an account online in My Verizon.
    • An Account Owner or Account Manager can request a future transaction to be canceled by clicking the Chat with us button at the bottom right corner of this page to contact one of our representatives. Learn more about account roles.
    • If a pending order is removed, then it's canceled and the order has to be placed again.

    To remove a pending order from your account:

    Go to the Pending account changes page in My Verizon. Click Delete next to the pending order to remove.

    Click Delete pending account change.