Billing Statement FAQs

Find answers to questions about your billing statement. For help paying your bill visit our Pay Your Bill FAQs and How to Pay Your Bill page.

General Information

  1. How do I view my billing statement?

    There's 2 ways to view your bill:

    • My Verizon app: Tap the 3-line navigation menu icon in the top left of your screen, and tap Bill. For more details about your monthly charges, tap View bill details.
    • Online: Go to the View Bill page in My Verizon on your smartphone, tablet or computer.

    The Account Owner and Account Manager can view your bill and previous statements online in My Verizon. Account Members cannot. Learn more about My Verizon Account Roles.

  2. What should I expect on my first bill?

    When you activate a new line of service (on a new or existing account), your first bill for that line will be for a partial month or portion of the monthly access charge. This portion is calculated based on the number of days between the date you began service and the last day of your bill cycle.

    Even though you're only paying for a partial month, you get the full monthly plan allowances for data, text and call minutes, as an added benefit.

    Note: Since you're billed in advance, you'll also be charged for the next full month, which may cause your first bill to be more than you were expecting. The following month's bill should be closer to what was expected.

  3. What are the different charges in the My Bill Summary?

    The different charges on your bill are:

    • Balance adjustments: The amount of any charges remaining from your previous bill. Tap or click to expand Balance adjustments for details about the charges.

    • Account charges: These charges apply to the entire account and aren't attributed to a specific line of service, such as a late fee for a past due balance. This can include monthly charges and one-time charges applied to the account.

      Note: If you have a shared data plan for your account, you'll also see an option with your plan name. This will show you charges and credits that apply to your whole plan, not for a specific line.

    • Individual lines: For accounts with multiple lines, here you can find details specific to each line of service on the account, such as a line access fee, Total Mobile Protection or Verizon Cloud. Click on a line for an expanded view of monthly charges, one-time charges & credits, and taxes & surcharges for that line.

      Note: If you mix and match unlimited plans on your account, you'll see the data plan for each line listed here.
  4. My bill is different this month. How do I compare it with my last bill?

    • My Verizon app: Tap the 3-line navigation menu icon in the top left, and tap Bill. On the Current Bill tab, tap See Why for a detailed explanation of what's changed since your last bill.
    • Online in My Verizon: On the View Bill page, tap Find out what changed from your last bill to see a detailed side-by-side comparison of your current bill with last month's billing statement.
  5. How do I download or print a PDF of one of my bills?

    You can do it in My Verizon from the View Bill page.

    Learn how on our Download Your Bill How to Use Guide.

  6. How do I download a spreadsheet of my billing data?

    Learn the steps to download a spreadsheet of your billing data on our Download Billing Statements How to Use Guide.

  7. How do I view an older billing statement online?

    You can view up to 18 months of your past bills in My Verizon on the View Bill page.

    Learn how on our View Previous Bills How to Use Guide.

  8. How do I view my call and text history in My Verizon?

    You can view your call and text history in My Verizon, and sort them by date, time, destination and more.

    1. Go to the My Usage page in the My Verizon website.
    2. Select the line you want to view.
    3. Scroll down to the usage meter:
      • To view your call history, tap View minutes details.
      • To view your text history, tap View messages details.

    To download your call and text histories into a spreadsheet tap or click Download as spreadsheet.

  9. Can my deleted call and text history be viewed if someone gains access to my phone?

    If you deleted your call and text history from your device, it will not be available on your device. However, if you use a backup service or an app that syncs messages and that person gains access to your account, it's possible for them to see the phone numbers you called and texted with and the date/time they took place.

  10. Is it possible to recover contacts and text history from a wiped device?

    If you're using a service that backs up your contacts and test history, it's possible your contacts and text history are recoverable. If you weren't backing up your contacts and history prior to deleting them, you won't be able to recover them.