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Change Mobile Number - My Verizon Support

In My Verizon, you can change the mobile number for any of the lines on your account. This is useful if you’re moving or you just need a different phone number. You have the option to select the same area code and prefix currently assigned to that number, or you can change your phone number to one from a different city or state. You may even transfer (port in) a number from another wireless or landline carrier.

To change a mobile number on your account, you must be either the Account Owner or an Account Manager in My Verizon. Learn more about My Verizon account roles

Prepaid accounts: This transaction is not yet available for prepaid service.


  • Convenience. Change your number on-the-go.
  • Flexibility. Choose an area code and prefix from anywhere we provide service.

How To Change Your Mobile Number

How Do I Change My Phone Number

Change your phone number using My Verizon.

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Top Questions

  • How do I change my mobile number online?

    To change your mobile number online:

    1. Go to the Change Mobile Number page in My Verizon.

    2. If you have multiple lines on your account, select the mobile number you want to change.

    3. Select whether you want a number from your current area or from a different city and or state.

      Note: You also have the option of porting in an existing number from another service provider. For more information on porting, visit our Local Number Portability FAQs

      • If selecting your current area:

        1. Select Get a new number from the same city/state as my existing number
        2. Select an area code / exchange from the dropdown.

      • If selecting a different city or state:

        1. Select Get a new number in a different city or state.
        2. Enter the ZIP code or the city and state for the new number.
        3. Click Continue.
        4. Select an area code / exchange from the dropdown.
    4. Click Next.

    5. Select a date for the changes to take effect and click Next.

      Note: If you select to have the change effective today or pick a specific day, your bill will be prorated.

    6. Review your changes and click Submit.

    You’ve successfully changed your mobile number online.

  • Why do I need to select an effective date when changing my mobile number?
    This effective date will determine when billing for the new number will begin.
  • Can I choose my new mobile number when changing my number in My Verizon?
    When you change your mobile number in My Verizon, you can select the area code and prefix. The last four digits will be automatically assigned to you based on what’s available.
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    Who Is Eligible?

    • Account Owner
    • Account Manager
    • Account Member
    Learn More About Account Access Roles


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