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In My Verizon, you can upgrade your phone or order a new device for another line on your account. It will be shipped right to your door, and you can activate it without having to go into a store.

If you upgrade your device frequently, consider enrolling in Verizon Edge.

Prepaid accounts: This transaction isn’t currently available for prepaid service. For assistance, call (888) 294-6804.


  • Convenience. Order a new device any time, right from your home or office.
  • Savings. Take advantage of our exclusive online-only offers.

How To Upgrade Your Device

How to Upgrade Your Device

Learn how to upgrade your device in My Verizon.

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Who Is Eligible?

  • Account Owner
  • Account Manager
  • Account Member
Learn More About Account Access Roles

Top Questions

  • How do I upgrade a phone online?
    To upgrade a device through My Verizon:
    1. Go to the Upgrade Device page in My Verizon to view your upgrade status.
    2. If you have multiple lines on your account, select the device you want to upgrade and click Next.
    3. Follow the prompts to select a device, features, accessories and to checkout.

    You’ve successfully upgraded a device.
  • Where can I find my upgrade eligibility date online?
    Your upgrade eligibility date is listed on the Upgrade Your Device page in My Verizon. You’ll see a list of the mobile numbers on your account, and the upgrade eligibility date will be listed below each mobile number.
  • If I upgrade to a new device, will the charge go directly to my bill?
    You must be signed up for the Bill to Account option* in order to have equipment purchases charged to your account.

    Note: A $30 upgrade fee applies whenever you purchase a new device at a discount, with a contract extension, to replace your old device. This fee is in addition to the cost of the new device. It doesn’t apply when a new device is purchased at the full retail price.

    * You must have a standard monthly account with Verizon Wireless for at least six months in order to bill equipment to your account. It does not matter how long you have been registered for My Verizon. Bill to Account isn’t available for prepaid accounts.
  • Can I upgrade my mobile device online if I have a pending order on my account?
    No, if you currently have a pending order on your account, you won’t be able to upgrade your mobile device online until the pending order is complete. Learn more at our Pending Orders Information page.

    Note: An Account Owner or Account Manager can request a pending order to be removed from an account by calling Customer Service at (800) 922-0204. Learn more about account access roles. If a pending order is removed, then it’s canceled and the order will have to be placed again.
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