Retrieve a Fax - Voicemail

Note Notes:

  • The fax service is only available with a Premium Visual Voicemail subscription. If you'd like to upgrade to Premium Visual Voicemail and enjoy added benefits like a larger mailbox, up to 20 custom greetings and transcription of voice messages to text, check out this info.
  • Ensure there's an available fax printing destination with a 10-digit mobile number.
    Note Refer to the Voicemail guide for additional assistance with setting up the fax options. 


  1. Press *VM (or *86).
  2. Press SEND.
    Note If there is a system greeting, press the # immediately to interrupt it.
  3. Enter the password.
  4. Press 4 for Personal Options.
  5. Press 2 for Administrative Options.
  6. Press 3 for Fax Options then select an option:
    • 1 for Primary Printing Destination
    • 2 for Autoprint Off/On
    • 3 for Fax Prompt On/Off