Add new User - Cold Chain

  1. Sign in to the Cold Chain portal.
  2. Click the Organization tab.
  3. Click Name to create users with 'normal' user level.
    User setup
  4. Enter the appropriate info then click Add to save settings:
    1. User Login
    2. Password
    3. Login ID
    4. Phone number
    5. Time Zone
  5. Once the user profile has been created, click the Set Password icon to email the user and allow them to create their unique password.
    send password email


Note The ‘User Type’ of any users created by the admin is set at the normal security level. At this security level, the normal user is able to access all the information that an admin is able to view, but the user is not be able to adjust organization level details.

  Security Level  
  Admin Normal
Dashboard view only view only
Device Profile update update
Shipment update update
Alerts view only view only
Organization update view only
Settings update update
Device Logs view only view only