About Our Messaging Packages

Text Bundles

Save by signing up for a Text Bundle. The $10 and $20 text bundles even include Unlimited Messaging to Verizon Wireless customers as well as additional messages for you to use with non-Verizon Wireless customers.

Text Bundles
Includes Text, Picture, Video & Voice Messages
250 text, picture, video, or voice messages¹ $5/month/line
500 texts¹ and Unlimited Mobile to Mobile Texting² $10/month/line
5000 texts¹ and Unlimited Mobile to Mobile Texting² $20/month/line
Pay Per Use

Just plan to message occasionally? Pay only for what you use with the per-message rates listed below. If you find yourself messaging more frequently, our Messaging Bundles offer greater savings.

Text, Picture, Video & Voice Messaging
Per-Message Rates
Texts 20¢ per text sent (per recipient) or received (including Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands)
Picture, Video & Voice Messages 25¢ per picture, video and voice message sent (per recipient) or received (including Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands)
Some short codes carry premium charges, which you'll be prompted to accept before subscribing and sending. Opt out of a program by texting "stop" to the code. Additional charges apply for international messages.
¹ Always applies when sending and receiving Instant Messages via Verizon Mobile IM and when receiving Text Alerts. Also applies to messages exchanged from the U.S.: (i) with subscribers in the U.S. and to participating carriers in Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands and (ii) via email. Overage Rate is 10 per recipient, per message sent or received for Text/Picture/Video/Voice Messages.
² Unlimited Mobile to Mobile Messaging with other Verizon Wireless customers from within the National Enhanced Services and Extended National Enhanced Services Rate and Coverage Areas. Text, Picture, Video and Voice Messaging is not available throughout the Nationwide Rate and Coverage Area. Instant Messages are not included as Mobile to Mobile Messages in any Unlimited Mobile to Mobile Messaging plan.
Subject to additional Terms and Conditions. Additional charges, compatible phone & coverage (which varies by feature/service) required. Always download content legally.