The My Verizon app FAQs

Manage your account from the palm of your hand. Monitor your data, view your bill, get on-demand support, and set up your security actions to keep your account secure. You can even change your plan or upgrade your device, right from the app. The My Verizon app is now available in Spanish.

General Information

  1. What is the My Verizon app?

    The best network and best plan deserves the best app.

    The My Verizon app gives you complete control to manage your account and plan, upgrade devices, access Verizon Up rewards and monitor your data.

    Keeping up with your account is simpler than ever. The Feed keeps you alerted to your usage and other account notifications so you're always in control.

    Here are some of the features:

    • The Feed sends your important data, account and bill alerts to you in the Data Hub, shows how you're using data and keeps you in control over surprise overages.
    • The Shop is the fastest, easiest way to buy and customize the latest devices and accessories.
    • Support provides immediate answers right on your device.
    • The Bill section makes it simple to understand your month-to-month charges and make payments.
    • Verizon Up rewards program is exclusively on the My Verizon app. Choose and track your rewards right on the app.
  2. Can I use the My Verizon app?

    You can use the My Verizon app if:

    • All lines on your account are on one of these plans:
      • Mix and match unlimited plans
      • Just Kids
      • The new Verizon Plan shared data plans (e.g., S, M, L)
      • The Verizon Plan
      • The MORE Everything® Plan
    • You have a compatible iPhone® or Android™ smartphone using:
      • iOS 10.0 or newer
      • Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) or newer

    If your device isn't eligible for the app, we'll let you know with a text message. Don't worry, you can continue managing your account using the existing My Verizon app on your device.

  3. How do I get the Verizon app?

    Download it to your smartphone from the Apple® App Store® or Google™ Play Store.

  4. How do I view The Feed in the My Verizon app?

    The Feed is the first screen that displays when you open the app.

  5. How do I view Data Hub in the My Verizon app?

    Tap the 3-line navigation menu icon in the top left of your screen, and tap Data Hub. Here you can see how much data is being used, who's using it and how to get more.

  6. What's Safety Mode?

    Safety Mode lets you keep using data at reduced speeds after your data allowance is used up for the month. You'll be able to stay online without worrying about overage fees.

    Safety Mode is included on the Verizon Plan and new Verizon plan shared data plans (e.g., S,M,L). You need to enable it in the My Verizon app or My Verizon to start using it.

    The Just Kids plan comes with Safety Mode automatically enabled. Safety Mode can’t be disabled with this plan.

    Learn more in our Safety Mode FAQs.

    You can also avoid overage charges with one of our unlimited plan options. Get unlimited data, talk and text on America's best network.

  7. What's a Data Boost?

    If you need extra data, you can purchase a Data Boost for $15/GB. It provides high-speed data access rather than getting reduced data speeds in Safety Mode. If you don't use all of your Data Boost, it'll carry over to your next bill cycle.

    Learn more in our Data Boost FAQs.

  8. What's Carryover Data?

    Carryover Data is a feature that automatically keeps your unused data in your account until the end of the following month. When you use less data one month, you can use extra data the next without paying more.

    Learn more in our Carryover Data FAQs.

  9. How does the My Verizon app help keep my identity and account protected when visiting a Verizon retail store?

    To help keep your identity safe when you visit a Verizon store, The My Verizon app offers an extra layer of protection to your account with a two-step authentication process. It is easy to use and eliminates additional PINs, passwords, or one-time passcodes.

    When you visit a Verizon store:

    1. Verify your identity with a government-issued photo ID like your driver's license.
    2. The Verizon store rep will then send you a push notification to the My Verizon app on your device to confirm your identity. All you have to do is click the push notification and confirm the request. Before visiting a Verizon store make sure the latest version of the My Verizon app is installed on your device and push notifications are enabled.

    These extra steps help prevent fraudsters from impersonating you in the store, potentially with a stolen or fake photo ID, to access your Verizon account. To learn more about different types of fraud to watch out for and what you can do to keep your Verizon account secure visit the Verizon Account Security page.

  10. How do I enable push notifications in the My Verizon app?

    With the My Verizon app you can turn on push notifications to receive alerts about changes to your account related to billing, payments and/or usage.

    Note: In order to receive push notifications when authenticating in a retail store you'll need to turn on push notifications for the My Verizon app in your device's Apps settings menu (not in the My Verizon app). This setting is turned on by default for Android devices for the My Verizon app.

    If you have iPhone, you will be asked to opt into app notifications during My Verizon app set up. If you didn't opt it or you opted out later you will need to opt in via your device’s app settings and permissions page.

    This is different from device to device but generally speaking go to your device's settings page, find application and notifications, then find the My Verizon app. You should be able to turn on "all notifications" here. Turning this on will not impact specific types of notifications like billing alerts, just that you opt in to receive any notifications from the My Verizon app.

    To turn on push notifications in the My Verizon app:

    1. Tap Menu.
    2. Tap Account.
    3. Tap Preferences.
    4. Select which line you want to update.
    5. You'll see three categories: Billing, Payment and Usage. Tap the switch to the ON (green) position for each category that you want to be alerted about.
    6. Select Push notification to receive push notifications for events related to that category.

    You've successfully turned on push notifications in the My Verizon app. To turn off push notifications, follow the steps above and tap the switch to the OFF position.

Spanish Language Version

  1. How do I view the My Verizon app in Spanish?

    It's easy. If your device language setting is set to "Español", the My Verizon app automatically displays in Spanish. If you change your device language setting to "English", the app displays in English.

    You don't have to download a new app or change anything on the app itself.

    If you already have the My Verizon app, be sure to update to the latest version, so you can take advantage of the latest features and enhancements.

    Download the latest version of the My Verizon app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.


  2. Which My Verizon app features are available in Spanish?

    Account management features, such as data monitoring, viewing and paying your bill, plan changes, upgrading a device and shopping are available in Spanish.

    Some content, such as our Verizon Up rewards program, will continue to display in English until further notice.


  1. How do I buy a device and accessories with the My Verizon app?

    Tap the 3-line navigation menu icon in the top left of your device screen and tap Shop. Here you can browse and buy the latest devices and accessories.

  2. How do I upgrade my device with the My Verizon app?

    1. Open the 3-line navigation menu icon in the top left of your screen and tap Devices.

    2. Select which device you want to upgrade and tap Manage.

    3. Tap Upgrade Now.
      Note: We'll let you know if you need to do anything before you can upgrade your device.

    4. Decide if you want to trade in a device and receive a possible credit towards your upgrade. You can either trade in the device you're upgrading or a different device that has been previously active on your account. The trade-in value is determined by the age of the device and how well it's working.

    5. Select the device you want to upgrade to.

    6. Customize the device by choosing a color and size if these options are available.

    7. Select how you want to pay for the device. Learn more about device payments.

    8. Review your cart and tap Checkout when ready. If you need to change the device color, size or pricing options tap Edit.

    9. Provide your password or fingerprint, depending on which security option you use.

    10. Review your order and accept the customer agreement.

    11. Tap Place Order.
  3. How do I add a new device with the My Verizon app?

    If you're the Account Manager or Account Owner, you can complete this action in the My Verizon app. Learn more about account access roles.

    To add a new device and a new line to your account online:

    1. Tap the 3-line navigation menu icon in the top left of your device screen and tap Devices.
    2. Scroll up and tap Add Device.
    3. Select "Purchase a new device" and tap Next.
    4. Choose the trade in option you prefer and tap Next.
    5. Select the device you'd like to purchase.
    6. Choose a pricing option for your device.
    7. Select a device protection option.
    8. Follow the prompts to select a plan, features and services, and accessories to complete your order.
    9. Click the Checkout button on the Shopping Cart page to complete your purchase.

    You've successfully added a new device.

Bill and Payments

  1. How do I view my bill in the My Verizon app?

    You'll see your current bill when you tap the 3-line navigation menu icon in the top left of your screen and tap Bill. To see your upcoming bill, tap Next Bill. To view your past bill amounts, tap History. You can view up to 18 months of your past bills.

  2. Can I compare my bills in the My Verizon app?

    For details on your previous bills:

    1. In the My Verizon app, tap the Menu icon in the top left corner of the screen.
    2. Tap Bill.
    3. Tap History at the top of the screen.

    You'll see a list of your bills from the last 18 months. You can select any of them to view details.

  3. How do I pay my bill with the My Verizon app?

    1. Open the menu in the top left and tap Bill.
    2. Tap Pay bill.
    3. The payment amount will reflect your balance. Tap the payment amount to edit the payment amount.
    4. If you're making a payment from a checking account, you can choose the date you want the payment to be made. You can schedule the payment up to 14 days in advance.
    5. Select a payment method. You can pick from a saved payment account if you have one, otherwise you'll need to add a new method of payment.
    6. Tap Pay bill.
    7. You'll see a confirmation pop-up that your bill is paid. Tap OK to close it.

    You've successfully paid your bill.

  4. How do I set up and manage Auto Pay with the My Verizon app?

    You can set up Auto Pay right from the Feed.

    1. Open the menu in the top left and tap Feed.
    2. Tap the card that says Enroll in Auto Pay.
    3. Tap the toggle switch next to Turn on Auto Pay. The switch turns green when Auto Pay is enabled.
    4. From the dropdown select which day of the month you want Auto Pay to run.
    5. Choose a payment method. You can pick a saved payment method, or you'll be asked to add a payment method.
    6. Read and agree to the Terms & Conditions.
    7. Tap Save.

    You've successfully set up Auto Pay.

  5. How do I manage payment methods in the My Verizon app?

    1. Open the menu in the top left and tap Bill.
    2. Tap Settings.
    3. Tap Manage payment methods.
    • To manage a current payment method:
      • Tap Manage existing payment method
      • Tap Edit on the payment method you want to update.
    • To add more payment methods, tap Add a new payment method. You can add a checking account, credit or debit card, or ATM card.
  6. How can I view my next bill in the My Verizon app?

    Go to your current bill and tap Next Bill.

  7. How do I turn on paper-free billing in the My Verizon app?

    If you aren't enrolled in paper-free billing, we'll let you know in the Feed.

    To enroll, open the menu in the top left and tap Feed. Scroll through the Feed to find the Turn on paper-free billing card. Swipe the card to turn on paper-free billing.

Account Settings

  1. How do I manage my account settings in the My Verizon app?

    To manage your account settings, tap the 3-line navigation menu icon in the top left of your screen and tap Account.


  1. How can I find Support in the My Verizon app?

    Tap the Support icon (a circle with a question mark inside) in the top right of your device screen.

    Select a topic from the list, type a request in the search field, or tap Menu for additional options.

    You can also sign in to My Verizon on a smartphone, tablet or computer web browser to manage your account anytime.

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