How to get Backup Assistant on Android™ devices

Note: Backup Assistant is available on all Android devices except Droid by Motorola, Motorola Devourâ„¢, and Droid Eris by HTC. Customers with the Droid by Motorola, Motorola Devourâ„¢, or Droid Eris by HTC, please refer to the steps for transferring contacts without Backup Assistant.


    Step 1

    Depending on your device, you can find Backup Assistant in one of two ways:

    1. Open the Home screen and tap Backup Assistant.


    1. Open your People or Contact menu.
    2. Press the Menu button.
    3. Tap Backup Assistant.

    Step 2

    Read the Backup Assistant Terms and Conditions. If you accept them, tap Agree.

    Step 3

    You'ill be prompted to create and enter a four- to eight-digit PIN and then reenter the PIN to confirm your selection. Select OK

    Note: If you forget your PIN at a later date, Backup Assistant can send the PIN to your device as an easy reminder. You can uncheck the box to block this feature; however, we recommend keeping it checked.

    Any contacts on your device will be saved to the secure Backup Assistant server, and your address book will now be protected. When you switch to a different device, simply activate Backup Assistant on that device to automatically restore all your contacts on the new device.

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