Verizon Cloud - Windows® Phone - Manage Music

  1. From the Verizon Cloud main screen, tap Music.
    Select Music
  2. Tap the 'Select' or 'Play' icon (located at the bottom of the screen).
    Note If play is selected, music starts with the top song in the list
    Tap Select or Play
  3. Tap the desired artist(s), album(s), etc.
    Select Music Artist
  4. Once the desired music is selected, tap play to stream from the cloud, download, or add to playlist (located at the bottom of the screen).
    Tap Music Options
  5. To locate the downloaded music, from the Home screen, swipe left to access apps then select File Explorer.
    Select File Explorer
  6. From the 'This Device' list, tap the Music folder.
    Select Music Folder
  7. Confirm the music is present then select the song.
    Confirm and Select Song