Prepaid Mobile Broadband FAQs

General Information

  1. What is Prepaid Mobile Broadband?

    A Prepaid Mobile Broadband Plan provides high-speed Internet service for your data-only devices without signing a long-term contract or being charged an activation fee. When you reach your data allowance or expiration date, you can purchase more data and begin using it immediately.

    Learn more on our Prepaid Plans page.

  2. How much do Prepaid Mobile Broadband plans cost?

    Visit our Prepaid Plans page to view more options and details.

  3. Can I use a Prepaid Mobile Broadband session whenever I want?

    A session begins right after you pay for it. You can activate and start a session whenever you're ready to connect. Once a session begins, the timer starts immediately, and will expire in the allotted timeframe (e.g., 1 week, 1 month, etc.).

  4. What happens when my Prepaid Mobile Broadband session ends?

    When your session expires or the allowance is reached, you'll be disconnected from the network and routed to our Mobile Broadband Self Activation page where you can pay for another prepaid data session or sign up for a standard monthly Mobile Broadband service plan.

    Note: Once your Prepaid Mobile Broadband allowance or expiration is reached, a session that's in progress will end and any content that was being sent or received may be lost.

  5. What can I use to pay for a Prepaid Mobile Broadband session?

    You can pay for each Prepaid session online through VZAccess® Manager with:

    • A credit card
    • A debit card
    • A Verizon Wireless Prepaid Refill card
    • A Verizon Wireless Gift Card
    • A DayPass promotional card shipped with qualified equipment
    • Funds stored in your Prepaid account
  6. Where can I use Prepaid Mobile Broadband service?

    You can use Prepaid Mobile Broadband service within our coverage area.

  7. What types of devices can I use with Prepaid Mobile Broadband?

    With Prepaid Mobile Broadband you can use:

    • A tablet compatible with our network
    • A Verizon Jetpack®
    • Most Verizon Wireless Mobile Broadband USB modems
    • A notebook with built-in Mobile Broadband

    Note: The Verizon Wireless UM150 USB modem does not support Prepaid Mobile Broadband at this time.

  8. Do I need to subscribe to an Internet Service Provider to use Mobile Broadband?

    No, Mobile Broadband provides complete Internet access. A separate Internet service provider account isn't necessary.

  9. How do I start a Prepaid Mobile Broadband session?

    When you open your web browser on a compatible device, you'll be automatically redirected to the Mobile Broadband website to purchase your data plan. If the Mobile Broadband website doesn't appear, please go to

    Note: Before accessing the Internet on your notebook, you must first activate your Prepaid Mobile Broadband session by following the setup instructions.

  10. I don't have VZAccess Manager preloaded on my device. Where can I download the software?

    You can visit the VZAccess Manager website to find the latest versions of the software.

    Note: VZAccess Manager Consumer Release isn't available for Dell™ notebooks with Mobile Broadband Built-In.

  11. Can I sign up for a standard monthly Mobile Broadband service plan if I have used Prepaid Mobile Broadband sessions in the past?

    Yes, you can switch to a standard monthly Verizon Wireless Mobile Broadband plan. After you've completed your last Prepaid Mobile Broadband session, you have the option to activate your device on a monthly service plan through the Mobile Broadband Self Activation portal.

  12. Will I be able to keep the same mobile number when I convert from Prepaid Mobile Broadband service to a standard monthly Mobile Broadband plan?

    No, you'll be assigned a new mobile number when you convert your account to a standard monthly Mobile Broadband plan.

  13. Do you provide email accounts for Mobile Broadband users?

    Yes, your VPN product should treat the EVDO and 1xRTT data networks exactly as it treats the Internet. We can work with you and your VPN provider to enable secure, wireless access to your VPN.

  14. Will Mobile Broadband work with IP Sec and existing VPN Solutions?

    Yes, your VPN product should treat the EVDO and 1xRTT data networks exactly as it treats the Internet. We can work with you and your VPN provider to enable secure, wireless access to your VPN.

  15. Where can I find additional information about your Broadband Internet Access Services, including Terms and Conditions, privacy information and other legal issues?

    You can find additional important information about our Mobile Broadband services on our Important Information about Verizon Wireless Broadband Internet Access Services page.