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Backup Assistant℠

Backup Assistant is a service that saves a copy of your device's contacts to a secure website. You can also use it to transfer your contacts to another device. Backup Assistant is available for basic phones, Windows® and BlackBerry® smartphones. If you have an iOS or Android™ smartphone or tablet, then you should use Verizon Cloud for your backup needs:

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    Use Backup and Restore to Clear Data - BlackBerry®

    Here's how to use back up and restore to clear data on your Blackberry.


    Restore Contacts - Backup Assistant

    Here's how to restore contacts with Backup Assistant.


    Back Up Contacts - Backup Assistant℠ - Basic Phones

    Here's how to back up your contacts with Backup Assistant.

    Backup Assistant FAQs

    Learn about Backup Assistant, a service that can back up and restore the contacts, music, pictures and videos on your mobile device.

    Resetting Backup Assistant

    Here's how to reset Backup Assistant on your device.

    Install & Set Up

    How to use Backup Assistant

    These step-by-step instructions will walk you through how to back up and transfer your contacts using Backup Assistant.